Damages Season 3, Episode 12: "You Were His Little Monkey" Review

There's so much I want to touch on this week, but I know I just won't be able to cram it all in here. "You Were His Little Monkey" was a great episode and very strong lead-in to next week's finale. I have to admit that the finale kind of crept up on me. I wasn't really paying attention to the episode numbers so I still thought there were a handful left. Also, while I'm thinking about it, sometimes the random "quote picking" that they use to name the episodes can work to undercut the actual drama. This was a taut and super-suspenseful chapter and it's now stuck with the "Little Monkey" title. That being said, I loved the paradox of Tessa Marchetti's murder getting Patty (Glenn Close) put back on the Tobin case with Patty knowing that, without Tessa, she has no case.

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