The Biggest Loser Season 9, Episode 13: Couples Episode Recap: Week 13

No show gives better metaphors for life than The Biggest Loser, and in this week's episode, money expert Suze Orman explains that success comes down to change - change in body, habit, and every aspect of life. In order to truly demonstrate the importance of change, each player is tasked with balancing a tray with one hand, while adding quarters to it with the other. The person to hold up the tray the longest, and without dropping any change, wins the amount they put on their tray. The bonus is that each quarter equals a 10 dollar bill.

Daris struggles right from the beginning, and Sunshine develops a strategy to minimize the amount of quarters on the tray so her arm doesn't get tired. Once a few contestants drop out, Sunshine begins to add more change. After 45 minutes, it's down to her and Michael. With sweat and tears streaming down her face, Sunshine drops out and Michael wins the money.

Back at the house, Suze meets with everyone to tell them that once they complete this competition, they'll have to take responsibility for the debt they've created. Last year, Orman predicted Danny to be the winner because he had the highest Fico score. She was right. And then Danny walks in, looking slim and happy. Based on Fico scores and debt, Suze says that she was going to predict Koli as the winner, but changes her opinion when he reveals he doesn't count calories like they're supposed to. Her new pick for the grand prize is now Sunshine. Who didn't see that one coming?

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