Interview with 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Boston Rob Mariano

"Boston" Rob Mariano was a 23 year old construction worker when he competed on Survivor: Marquesas. I have been to the town of Canton, Massachussetts where he lived. It's a small residential town far removed from the action of the big city. There's a romantic touch of old New England about it, but the real estate is affordable, and it's still pretty salty. It's not where you go to strike it rich. It's where you go to have a family and a simple, low income life.

I bring this because today "Boston" Rob is, by his own admission, a very successful man. He's got a nice house in Florida with a beautiful wife, and they recently had a daughter. Despite the wild fantasies so many forgotten reality show castoffs have had about landing major movie deals and talk shows, not very many reality contestants have been as blessed by the experience as Rob and Amber have.

What's really special about Rob is that he doesn't seem ruined by the experience. He's not the same guy he was at 23. He has grown up over the years. But he's still honest, humble, and yet charmingly scandelous.

Despite his many successes, I could not possibly begrudge Rob if he were succesful on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. I'd be thoroughly excited about it.

I asked Rob about his path from construction worker to small time celebrity, and the role Survivor played. We talked Red Sox baseball and about Amber.

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