Recap: "The Truth Will Reveal Itself"

After Jay proved himself by showing up to Olivia's dinner party, Whitney soon learned she had reason to doubt him. During lunch with her former fling Alex, Whitney found out that her relationship with Jay may not be as solid as she thought. He asked her why they hadn't seen each other since she moved to New York and when she explained that she had been seeing Jay a lot, Alex was quick to enlighten her about the type of guy he thinks he is. Apparently Alex's roommate's best friend Danielle used to date Jay and the two recently ran into each other. Jay had mentioned he wasn't dating Whitney anymore and that he still loved the ex. Whitney was left confused and in the end told Alex, "I have to choose who I have to trust."

Whitney decided to meet Jay and have a little chat with him. She tells her what Alex said and Jay is insistent that he simply dropped the ex off in a cab and nothing else happened. "We can call up Dani right now," he says. Whitney declines the offer but tells him that she doesn't know who is feeding her BS and who is not. But Jay is adamant that he's telling her the honest truth.

After Olivia's cousin convinced her that she should bring Whitney into their circle before she got in with the "downtown" crowd, the two co-workers headed to Bergdorf's for a Manolo Blahnik signing event. Olivia nonchalantly tells Whitney her that she and Manolo are family friends yet it didn't really seem like they knew each other at all. Olivia went on and on about how her first pair was at 17 for her debutante ball and I love that when she mentioned it to Manolo himself, he seemed that he could not care less.

That night Whitney and Erin went out with Jay, Adam and his girlfriend Allie. Surprise, surprise, Alex is there as well. The two boys start fighting when Alex tells Jay not to take advantage of Whitney. After Jay responds, Alex tells him not to talk to him like that. Although Jay could totally be shady, hearing him fight for Whitney in his little accent was pretty cute. "I'm definitely not your friend," he tells Alex to which he responds, "I only have one thing to say. The truth will reveal itself." I sure hope it does sometime soon!

So confused and this brand new big city, Whitney paid her old boss Kelly Cutrone a little visit. She tells her how DVF is a bit overwhelming and about her co-worker Olivia. Kelly, knowing who Olivia is, was shocked that the girl got a job, which is "very unlike her." Kelly, who came off a bit hard on The Hills, seemed like a totally different person and I can actually say that I really enjoy her. She feels responsible for her former employees and likes to make sure her "kids" are okay. Kelly tells Whit that she's there for her whether it's for a doctor recommendation, career advice, whatever. She also asked about Alex, who she ironically set Whitney up with. "I don't have the best taste in men," Kelly admits. Probably would have been nice to know that before. Whitney explains the situation and how Alex could either be bitter or telling her the truth. Kelly brings up two good points. "Why would he want to make trouble with Jay if there weren't some truth in it?" She also then says, "Maybe you can't trust both of them." Looks like Whitney has a lot to think about.

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