COVERT AFFAIRS ''Communication Breakdown'' Advance Review

The good people at USA were kind enough to let us get to see an advance copy of this week’s episode of COVERT AFFAIRS titled “Communication Breakdown”. Last week I mentioned how much I enjoyed Auggie getting more screen time while running an op with some old buddies, and how much I’d like to see more of that. Boy did Covert Affairs deliver in spades. This time Auggie gets a chance to go in on a mission that needs his expertise. Things get really interesting when the person he needs to find, turns out to be a woman from his past.

This episode proves that Auggie still has what it takes as an operative, only needing a little help here in there (in the form of others acting as his eyes mostly) to get a job done. He even got to demonstrate some of those moves he taught Annie in the gym a few episodes back, not letting the fact that he’s blind stop him from delivering a smack-down when necessary. In fact he actually used his lack of sight to his advantage at one point.

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