Recap: "The L Word"

Whitney's BFF's new BF came to town leading her to further question her relationship with Jay. Erin's new beau's name is Duncan and he's from Toronto, which means threes a crowd in the apartment. As if Whitney didn't have an impetus to real estate shop before, now she's really got one.

Later at work, Whitney is styling away at an online catalog shoot for DVF. She gets a call from Jay who's taken it upon himself to help her find a place to live. When she tells Olivia about the news that he may have found something, instead of being excited she's skeptical. Olivia thinks Whitney should reschedule and in the mean time, sit down with her to look at all the cool places in the city she can live in. But Whitney doesn't listen to her and instead checks out the apartment with Jay. And of course it's absolutely gorge. While Whitney told Jay that she had "envisioned herself in one of those shorter brick buildings," it's called a brownstone honey, she decides she can't pass this place up. And at work the next day she finds out that she got the place, she and Erin will be neighbors and all is right in the world for now. Olivia, still clearly disappointed in the decision, tells her "I hope you're not relying too much on Jay."

That night Duncan takes Erin on a date to Brass Monkey in Meatpacking. He tells her that he loves New York but has a lot going on in Toronto. Erin realizes that she's only ever had long distance relationships and the two seem really into each other and on the same page. "I'd rather fall in love 10 times and have my heart broken 10 times than never experience it," she tells him. "You read my mind," he replies.

Already that weekend is moving day for Whitney. As she's unpacking her insanely nice and stylish furniture and décor, Erin spills that she and the new boyf said "I love you" the night before. Jay questions that they've said it too soon but Whitney is quick to say, "If it feels right you know it's right." Seems like the two have some different theories on relationships. "Is it complete love or over the top lust right now?" Jay asks but is he talking about Erin and Duncan or himself and Whitney?

Olivia, still trying hard to bring Whitney in her circle, told her cousin Nevan about how she ducked out of work early to see an apartment with Jay even though she told her not to. "My only worry is if it doesn't work out, she has that emotional attachment with the apartment." Somehow I don't think that's the motive for Olivia not wanting her to move there. She also mentions that she hopes Whitney will start to take her advice because she needs to be "confident New Yorker" girl. Hmm, Whitney seems pretty confident already to me.

At The Stanton Social, things come to a head when Jay and Whitney discuss Erin's "L word" confession. He asks her if she would say that to a boyfriend after hanging out for a month and she replied that while she didn't expect to fall for someone so fast, she doesn't want to call someone a boyfriend if they don't want the same thing. Earth to Jay, she's dropping major clues here. He instead feels that there's no rush and that it's not that he wants to hook up with other girls, he just wants to get to know Whitney better. Even though Whitney basically spells it out for him that she's not going to be with someone when she's not their top priority, he thinks they feel the same. "All good?" he asks. I'm not quite convinced.

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