Recap: "Good Things Come in Threes"

Whitney finally got her man to settle down. But it took going out with another guy to make Jay realize he didn't want to lose her.

We were finally treated to an appearance by Diane von Furstenberg herself. DVF was hosting a Wonder Woman event and Diane came to check everything out before the party that would include editors, celebs and of course socials. Luckily Whitney got the thumbs up from her boss who actually took the time to ask her how she was doing and if she was learning anything in her new position.

In Soho, Whitney told Erin about her talk with Jay and how maybe they needed to take a step back. Erin feels that Whitney should think about what she wants and we all know that Erin is doing the same. Duncan, who's still staying with Erin, doesn't want to leave but she makes it clear to him that she's pretty good with the long distance thing. He then mentions moving to NYC and how he'd want to stay with her until he found a place but Erin quickly shoots him down. "I'm 24 I want things to look forward to in the future." Maybe this is the Erin that Whitney was talking about in the premiere. Later on when Duncan leaves, she makes sure to tell him that she hopes if he moves to New York it's for him and not her. She doesn't want to put pressure on what they already have but their lack of a kiss goodbye makes me wonder how long this relationship will last.

At the DVF unveiling of the Wonder Woman inspired collection, Whitney makes a new friend. She's introduced to Chris who actually works with her, but in the finance department. After tons of introductions and schmoozing, the party nears its end and Chris asks Whitney out to lunch in front of the colleagues. Her reaction was classic. "Sure. That was very bold." The next day she takes him up on the offer but the two don't quite hit it off. When she gets back to her gossipy co-workers, Whitney tells them that the chemistry just wasn't there. But should she tell Jay? Whitney isn't so sure since he doesn't own her or her time.

That night Whitney meets Jay for dinner. When he asks how work is going she mentions that she had lunch with Chris. "It's good to have friends at the office," she says but Jay starts to press on the issue. When he asks if she's trying to make him jealous she says no, and that it meant nothing. "You can do whatever you want, it's your life," Jay tells her. "Good to know," Whitney responds, not too happy about his continuous non-committal attitude.

Turns out Whitney's lunch with Chris was a good thing. It made her realize that she had something special with Jay and it made Jay realize that he doesn't want her hanging out with anyone else. Despite his roommate's questioning as to why get serious (this coming from a guy who apparently has a girlfriend), Jay decides that she's a keeper and now's the time to embrace the progression. He shows up to Whitney's apartment for their date, bottle of wine in hand. "Can I talk to you about something?" he says. Jay then tells Whit that maybe now they can take things to the next level and have her become his girlfriend. "Aww Jay," is her response. The two lovebirds realize that they are both each other's 3rd significant other. "Good things come in threes" Jay says.

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