Recap: "Boys Night Out"

When the girls are away, the boys will play and boy did Adam really live up to that one. This episode of The City began with a nice little double date between Whitney and Jay, and Adam and Allie. Jay and Adam are roommates, and Allie is his model girlfriend who now lives with them as well. Like Whitney, she too is a California girl, but NYC is now home for her and she doesn't miss the sun and sand whatsoever.

Olivia is in a bit of a pickle with her ever-so-charming cousin, Nevin. Turns out he's jobless, which apparently was never a problem until Daddy cut off paying his rent and allowance. So now he's got to find a 9-5 but how can we expect him to work when he's constantly being asked by friends to grab drinks midday? What a tough life this boy leads. Later on, Nevin shows up to Olivia's where he's allowed to stay for five or six days as long as he follows her rules including "no chicks wearing my clothes" or "no chicks ever in this apartment unless I'm here." Olivia looks thrilled about her new houseguest, but Nevin tells her, "Your partner in crime is home, so get psyched."

That night Adam and Co. head to Cain Nightclub for a little boys night out since Allie is off on a modeling gig. And with Whitney not there to "take control of Jay's nuts," as he so politely put it, he was going to have a good time. Jay, Adam and their friend, Peter, run into Sam and Catarina (girls that Whitney knows), and it's not long before Jay is tempted. But alas, he resists, and instead, Adam is the one who ends up with girls back at his place. Although we didn't see visual confirmation, the next day Sam heard from another friend that Catarina (who btw has a boyfriend of 4 years) and Adam were still together at 8 am and had made-out. Whitney, a friend to Allie, is now stuck in the middle. "What is wrong with these people?" she says. My thoughts exactly.

Later that day, Whitney and Jay take a stroll in Madison Square Park. Whit tells him about the kiss, but he doesn't believe it. Regardless, he feels he needs to say something to him. At Bacaro, Jay tells Adam about the "bomb" Whitney dropped. Of course Adam denies it, saying that there are "shady, shady little chickees running around." Jay warns him to nip it in the bud and make sure Allie knows about it � from him. So he picks her up from the airport and tells her in the car. The sheer nervousness and slowness of his speech should have been enough right there, but Allie instead doesn't understand why girls just make stories up and have nothing better to do with their time. Wakeup "baby" your boyfriend's shady.

Luckily Whitney, Sam and Erin were there to set Allie straight. Erin told Allie that girl-to-girl, she'd want someone to tell her if her BF was kissing someone else, or even hanging out with someone else... until 8 in the morning. Whitney told her, "I just care about you." How long have these girls even known each other? According to Allie, "Adam and I are so full-on." Yeah, I'm sure Adam is thinking wedding bells the way he talks and acts when she's not around. Allie leaves the meal confused and immediately calls Adam to meet her. He denies it and says the girls are exaggerating, but Allie wants to know why every time she goes out of town he has to have some booze fest with girls she doesn't know. "Sorry honey, you're completely right" is his response which he follows up with, "I promise never to do that to you ever again." Will he keep his word?

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