'24' Season 8, Episode 19 Recap: Wet your whistle, Dana?

Chloe may have a long history with Jack, but I understood her reticence in tonight's star-filled extravaganza. (A semi-burned Michael Madsen! An extra-chinny D.B. Sweeney!) Still, Jack's always been on the side of good so there's no reason to doubt his motives now, which is why I was thrilled to see her continue working on his behalf - at least initially. Pretty sneaky of the ole girl, downloading the contents of Sweeney's phone so she'd learn the secret location of torture central (speaking of which, you must read this old but still riveting account by Vanity Fair's Christopher Hitchens, who agreed to undergo a little water boarding for himself. Thought of it right away when I saw Dana going horizontal). But then - ugh! - conscience struck, and Chloe was back in all-business-no-matter-what-the-costs mode. She can't betray the president, even if Taylor is lying in bed with that skeevy Logan.

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