NCIS: Preview of Season 7 Premiere "Truth or Consequences"

Fans of the much talked-about Tiva (that would be Tony and Ziva in NCIS speak) won't be pleased with tonight's season 7 premiere of CBS procedural NCIS. Tony (Michael Weatherly) and McGee (Sean Murray) are instructed by Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to search for a replacement for Ziva (Cote de Pablo), whose homecoming to Israel had not exactly been the most pleasant last season. From what we know, she was captured by the terrorists in Somalia that Rivkin had been investigating.

And true to form, Ziva is a no-show on tonight's premiere. Instead, we get a sort of Ziva, same willowy hair, same no-frills demeanor, and wouldn't you know it, Tony likes her too! The NCIS team heads back to work, despite the past still weighing heavily on their minds. In one clip, the two special agents interview one Clair Connell from the DEA as a potential replacement for Ziva. She has a firm grip and we know that she had a personal relationship that interfered with her performance in her previous agency. Sounds familiar?

"My looks have the tendency to prevent people from taking me seriously," she finally says. Right after, Tony says she has his vote. What was that about? Want to know something interesting? The actress who plays new agent Clair Connell, Noa Tishby, was born in Israel. Coincidence? Probably not. From what we know, though, the casting for this role was only a few episodes. And as early as next week, Gibbs will reportedly face a tough challenge because he will hold Ziva's fate in his hands. So Tiva fans shouldn't let loose on this girl. She won't be staying. Or maybe she is, but Ziva is set to come back soon.

Catch the premiere of NCIS tonight 8pm on CBS.

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