Recap Charmed: Season 4, Episode 11 - Trial By Magic

Phoebe is picked for jury duty, where a premonition shows her the defendant is innocent. In addition, Paige's sometimes-boyfriend Glen finds the Book of Shadows.

Phoebe is serving jury duty, and when the prosecutor hands her the knife used in the murder, she sees a vision of the murder, and the man on trial, Stan, is not the man she sees. Stan, a magician, attests that the only reason he knew where to find his dead wife was because of a premonition he received. No one believes him, and even Phoebe thinks he is a fraud originally. When the jury goes to reach a vote, she is shot down 11-1. She stalls, calls Leo to help her and is orbed to the mansion where she tells her sisters what is going on. They agree to help her. When Phoebe returns to the courtroom, the rest of the jurors are getting antsy, because they see it as an open-and-shut case. Phoebe tries to explain that just because they don't understand magic doesn't mean they should be afraid of it. They decide to dismiss her, and call in an alternate, but Phoebe says she will prove to them that magic exists. When it doesn't work, she keeps stalling until her sisters come to the courtroom to help her with the Power of Three.

Piper and Leo go to talk to Stan, who tells them more about the premonition. Piper asks who he thinks it is, and he says Andrew Pike. Piper and Leo go to find out more on Andrew, who is the man from Phoebe's premonition, who also happens to be a magician. When Paige and Piper return to get a taped confession, Andrew uses his magic to "disappear," and when downstairs, a rat turns into a demon, and destroys Andrew for giving the confession. The rat follows the Charmed Ones home, trying to get the tape.

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