Recap Til Death: Season 1, Episode 16 - The Italian Affair

Eddie is in the study listening to music on his headphones. Joy comes in and tells him he's supposed to be doing spring cleaning not going through the throw out pile . Jeff and Steph come over and ask them to go for a walk to get ice cream. Joy tells them to get out and also tells Eddie to keep cleaning. Steph starts looking through the throw away pile and finds an old roll of film; Jeff offers to have it developed. Eddie says not to worry about it so Steph says it must be because there are naked pictures on the roll. Jeff says no one really takes naked pictures, but then Steph says that some people do. He confronts her on it and she says she doesn't want to go down that road because Jeff always ends up crying in the shower when they discuss her past. Steph leaves and Eddie searches the internet for pictures of Steph.

Jeff comes back over with the developed pictures and shows them to Eddie. They are of Joy and Eddie in Italy in 1986. Eddie becomes disturbed and grabs the photos from Jeff, goes outside to the trash can and rips up the pictures. Jeff asks why so Eddie tells him the story of their trip to Italy. Eddie says that the trip was fine until the day they were leaving. They were going to get their bus to the airport when Joy started looking at some artistic Italian glass in a display. The bus left without them and Eddie got so mad that he spanked Joy. The next minute, another bus showed up to the airport and Joy was mad. They broke up after the plane ride home. Eddie says that in 20 years they have never spoken about their Italian vacation.

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