Friday Night Lights: The McCoys Drop the Mom, At Least This Season

Looks like Tami's losing a friend when Friday Night Lights' fourth season kicks off either in October or next summer. Well, at least it isn't because she had to go or something--it looks very open-ended, even.

Janine Turner, also known as last season's Katie McCoy, is not going to be part of the drama series' upcoming season, but according to executive producer Jason Katims, it's because "so far we don't have her in any stories." Which, at first glance, obviously means there's a big chance she'll return.

But it's not necessarily farewell to the McCoys altogether: in fact, Katims promised that both the hubby, Joe (D.W. Moffett), and the son, star quarterback J.D. (Jeremy Sumpter), will figure in pretty significant storylines this season. "Joe has basically replaced Buddy Garrity as the presence at West Dillon High," Katims said. "There will also be a huge tension between Joe and Tami between a new player named Luke."

Luke, of course, is played by Lipstick Jungle's Matt Lauria, and is one of the four new characters being brought in as characters graduate from Dillon High, or whatever's left of it.

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