Recap Til Death: Season 1, Episode 18 - I Heart Woodcocks

Cofeld and Eddie are sitting in the living room playing cards when Cofeld gets an itch and asks Eddie to scratch it. Eddie tells him that scratching his back would be crossing the line. Just then, Woodcock comes in and Cofeld asks him to scratch his back, Woodcock agrees a little too heartily and turns Cofeld off with his exuberant scratching. Cofeld gets up to leave and mentions he will see Eddie on Sunday for dinner with the wives. Jeff suggests they come over to his house on Sunday for dinner and wants Cofeld and Eddie to come over. He says they will use their Brady Bunch place mats.

Sunday, at the Woodcocks, Eddie, Joy, Cofeld, and Nicole are being entertained by Jeff and Steph. Jeff is regaling them with an anecdote that no one but Steph thinks is funny. Jeff, failing at entertaining, is saved by Steph who offers up something called "The Book of Questions" which is a book of personal questions to get to know each other better. After Steph asks the first question, Eddie feels uncomfortable and leaves with Joy. Cofeld and Nicole are left to hang out with the Woodcocks.

The next day at work, Nicole tells Joy that after Joy and Eddie left, she and Cofeld had a great time at the Woodcock's. Nicole tells Joy that she and Cofeld are going to hang out with the Woodcocks and asks Joy if it's ok. Joy says it's fine if they want to hang out with the Woodcocks and almost immediately after, Steph calls Nicole at work to talk about their night hanging out together.

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