Scrubs: "Our White Coats" Review Season 9, Episode 7

After last week's really solid episode, Scrubs returned with a pair of new episodes that were enjoyable enough, but also relatively run-of-the-mill as far as this show is concerned. I will say that J.D.'s departure has continued to be addition-by-subtraction because its given the new cast members some room to tell their stories. Stay tuned for a review of the second new episode of the week, "Our Couples," tomorrow.

This episode was all about competition. (Well, it was also all about the new students trying to survive med school, but that happens every week.) Everything culminated in the White Coat Ceremony, where the best new student would have the honor of giving the keynote speech. As you might expect, the medical program can be ultra competitive, and we got a sense of that as Drew and Cole both used dirty tricks and intimidation techniques on their fellow classmates to stand out as the best and receive that honor.

The White Coat Ceremony is a rite of passage, where med students receive their doctor's coats signifying a transition from one phase of their medical education to another. I think. To be honest, I have no idea what it signifies. Hell, I've been calling these med students "interns" for the last month in my reviews, so what do I know? I just want the show to be funny. This episode had some amusing moments, like when Turk got upset at white people for ruining everything: "I only got to say 'Foshizzle' for a week!" But overall, I felt it was pretty average and was a bit disappointed they couldn't continue what they started last week.

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