Fringe Season 2, Episode 19: "The Man from the Other Side" Review

Fringe is on a roll, folks. These past few episodes have been stellar. This latest installment delivered action, suspense, mystery, and the final climax to the drama that has building up since the end of last season: Peter learns the truth about his origins!

But before we get into the Bishop family secrets, let me say that the thing that surprised me most about this episode was the high technical quality. There's a lot of CGI in this one, and it's all very well done, and so are the shape shifter embryos, which are a nice concept and the prop work is done pretty well. The props/makeup work in the previous two episodes was sub-par at best, but the effects team got back on track with some really impressive work this time. The scene with the partially aborted shape shifter embryo getting jump-started is fantastic.

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