Recap: "New York's Finest"

The girls get a lesson in runway etiquette by Miss J and two former contestants before having to take part in a fashion show. Then the girls jump aboard a New York City sightseeing tour bus for their photo shoot challenge.

At the start of the episode, the models learn they are about to go through some Runway 101 with Ms. J. Off the bat, Natalie finds the need to critique everyone as they practice, since, after all, she's been a modeling agency before and is therefore superior.

The girls arrive in a Victorian mansion where they all put on khakis and neon cardigans to learn the finer points of runway etiquette. They look like they came straight out of a Gap commercial - I'm just waiting for them to bust out in "Mellow Yellow." Next thing you know, past contestants Bianca and Chantel come in to help the girls out.

Back at home the girls partake in a little Truth or Dare where they wind up tonguing each other's nostrils (hot) and answering some drama-enticing questions. Natalie, who we're focusing on a lot during this episode, of course has to be brutally honest about whose picture was the worst last week and straight up says Tahlia. It's called white lies, honey. If you want to play nice with the other girls, you should say it's the model that got sent home.

The girls have to utilize what they learned from Ms. Jay and walk in a real fashion show for Jill Stuart while carrying huge shopping bags in each hand. Natalie is so super-confident that she decides to twirl mid-way down the catwalk - Ms. Jay is not amused. Teyona comes across stiff, Tahlia needed more confidence, Nijah needs a stronger walk and the rest of the gals get positive feedback. Somehow, Natalie is the winner despite the twirl. Celia should have taken it.

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