Recap: Top 10 Revealed

After a less painful country-themed night of performances, America has voted, and one more Idol will be sent home... unless the judges invoke their "save" rule.

Here we are again, ready for another elimination show! But will we actually lose an Idol, or will the judges choose to save that poor soul?

We start off with another bad lip synch number, "Trouble," and follow it up with a Ford commercial music video. Then, to make us feel really bad about the elimination shows (OK, I'm sure that's not their point, but I felt bad watching it), they show a behind-the-scenes video about what happened after Jasmine and Jorge got kicked off last week. There were lots of tears, lots of hugs, and (for me) lots of guilt. (Why is the guilt setting in? I didn't vote them out!) Then Sarver has to get all choked up when he tells the story about his little girl asking him why he doesn't want to be around her anymore. Is this Idol therapy?

In an awesomely jerky move, Ryan makes Allison and Michael stand up, and tells Allison that she's in the bottom three - when Michael looks relieved and sits back down, Ryan tells him to stand back up and tells him he's in the bottom three as well! I know they do that kind of stuff all the time, but I never get over how mean it is. Guess I should nut up.

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