Recap: "Namaste"

On this episode of Lost, Sawyer (aka Jim LaFleur) continues to play heroic leader by scrambling to convince his Dharma buddies in 1977 that Jack & Co. are new recruits rather than time-travelling Lostaways. Meanwhile, the rest of the passengers on Ajira Flight 316 sort out their situation - including Ben and Sun, who both find reason to head back to the main Island. Throw in some Lost mythology, the naming of Amy's baby and some new Sawyer nicknames, and you've got one packed - if a little less blockbuster - hour. Let's get to it.

Hey everyone, Mickey, your regular guide through all things Lost, had a few too many pints for St. Patty's yesterday and slurrily informed us that he was going to look for the Smoke Monster. We haven't seen him since. (Just kidding, he's on vacation this week.) So I, Adam Bryant, will do my humble best to step into his Dharma jumpsuit until he returns next week. Now, on with the recap.

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