30 Rock Episode Recap: "Secret Santa" Season 4, Episode 8

Jack chances upon a former school flame via a new social-networking site. Elsewhere, Kenneth struggles to arrange a holiday gift swap, while Liz futilely tries to buy a gift for Jack.

What to get the man who has everything? That's the exact problem Liz is having; she has no idea what holiday gift to get Jack. She asks him what he wants, but he wants a gift of real quality, one from her friendly heart; in short, he wants her to figure it out for herself. She is still at a loss as to what to buy.

Meanwhile, Jack is lost in the world of YouFace, a new social networking site. It, like Facebook or MySpace, connects people from the past and he has recently reconnected with a semi-former fling who wants to meet! Enter the lovely and talented Julianne Moore, accent and all! And although it appears completely innocent, there is some sort of spark between the two.

Kenneth is in the throws of his annual Secret Santa gift giving, but all the rules leave people less than excited to participate. Some of the writers even go as far as to make up a religion, as to explain why they cannot participate; of course, Kenneth eats up the explanation.

So it turns out that the new guy on TGS can sing! And the writers, for the sake of "holiday vengeance" upon Jenna, pair him up with her to sing in the show's holiday spectacular. Her solo has now become a duet and she is less than pleased; in fact, it causes her to bleed from the face with anger...literally!

Tracey tells Kenneth that the boys' fake religion is just that - fake! This destroys his faith in the holidays and even God at large. He quickly begins to take down the office décor; there's no use for it anymore this un-holiday season!

Nancy (Julianne Moore), it turns out, is married. But Jack is beginning to have a strange mix of feelings for her. He corners her, sweetly, into going out on a one-on-one dinner with him; Jack even wears his lucky tie! But despite the sexual tension, the evening ends innocently enough.

But, of course, eventually holiday magic is worked. Jenna doesn't get her solo, but she does get the spotlight, thanks to the selflessness of her co-star. Jack gets his kiss from Nancy; she comes back because her train is delayed. And why was her train delayed? Thank you Liz for calling in a bomb threat, the most perfect Christmas gift Jack could ever have asked for!

What is the best gift you ever received? And how do you feel about office gift giving? The Nancy kiss kind of troubles me; is Jack going to become the "other woman?" Only time will tell what this holiday season holds in store for the Rock! What are your predictions?

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