'Project Runway:' I've Got a Bee in My Bonnet

This week, the designers on Project Runway had to make a garment to go along with a wild, Philip Tracey hat. A great challenge, but I've got a bee in my bonnet over how the judges ranked the clothes. Here's a look at the designs that came in better or worse than they should have.

Should Have Ranked Higher

Christopher landed in the bottom three this week and I don't get it. His leggings and boots weren't the best but the top / vest / jacket thing he made was exquisite. The collar was beautifully shaped and it completely complemented the architectural style of the black, sharp-edged hat. Maybe not a winner, but certainly not in the bottom three!

AJ's polka dot dress was adorable and totally worked with the over-sized sun hat. It's like a casual version of the Ascot clothes from My Fair Lady. Tim complained that the woman who could afford such a dress would expect the polka dots to line up. But isn't the whole point of polka dots that they're scattered? It's a dress, not a game of Connect Four.

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