The Good Wife Episode Recap: ''Double Jeopardy'' Season 2, Episode 2

"I just thought I was done visiting men in prison" - Alicia

On this week's episode of The Good Wife, Alicia and Will are defending a client in military court against the same murder charge that a civilian court acquitted him of.

Diane and Derrick find themselves at odds over the two well-known clients with opposing political views. On the campaign front, two familiar faces come back into Eli Gold's life and threaten to throw Peter's bid for office upside down.

Turning the Tables

After Cary lost the junior associate bake-off last season and went to the dark side to work for Childs, I was worried we weren't going to be able to see his life outside of the courtroom anymore. Although we didn't get a second appearance of Cary on 'shrooms (we can only hope), we did get a look at his more desperate side. After losing the murder case in civilian court, Cary meets up with an old Peace Corps pal. BTW: Where did Cary go for Peace Corps anyway? What did he do? I feel like that would be some interesting insight into the man known best for his sharp suits and, these days, his sharp tongue with Alicia.

Anyways, Cary convinces his friend, Melinda, to try to the case again in milita

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