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Dexter Stars Get Married

Dexter stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, who have quietly been dating for a year and a half, got married on New Year's Eve.

It is the second wedding for Hall.

Let's just hope the new happy couple can keep their chemistry away from the screen, as that might be a little bit creepy, seeing as the two play on-screen siblings...

Source: TV Guide


| 06:16 EDT, 29 Mar, 2009
I dont think its creepy, its like what happened to Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and they've gotten even better
| 23:24 EST, 06 Mar, 2009
its kinda off key but remember back in season 2 episode 2 "Waiting to Exhale". dexter says in his head "i will not kill my sister, i will not kill my sister." its just amusing to me
| 08:17 EST, 26 Feb, 2009
I have always been a little creeped out by them playing brother and sister. Before I knew they were dating the looks they would give one another didnt seem right. You could tell there was chemistry which is WONDERFUL for them... not so much for the show though. Either way I am happy for them!
| 22:02 EST, 22 Feb, 2009
Michael C. Hall could do much better i agree with Fubble. if by praying mantis, he meant "dude", then absolutely
| 14:32 EST, 18 Feb, 2009
ewwww.... at least they are not biological siblings on tv
| 16:15 EST, 15 Feb, 2009
When does Season 4 start? I am having withdrawl!!!
| 04:13 EST, 06 Feb, 2009
She looks like a praying mantis.
| 17:24 EST, 21 Jan, 2009
Wow, I really hope for Michaels sake that Jennifer is not as annoying in real life as she is on the show. I mean seriously Debra Morgan is the most annoying character I've ever seen. I don't know what it is but when even looking at her face makes me angry :D
| 17:26 EST, 20 Jan, 2009
| 19:42 EST, 18 Jan, 2009
As mentioned they are not even depicted as blood relatives on the show so I don't see why that should be weird. Personally I enjoy a show more when I hear that the actors really enjoy working together (and I guess these two really really enjoyed it).
| 01:25 EST, 15 Jan, 2009
So i wasn't imagining the interesting chemistry the had at the beginning of season 3
| 19:31 EST, 12 Jan, 2009
I understand why people find this creepy, but it really isn't. These two people just work together; it would be like marrying any other coworker. Just because they happen to be actors that play siblings just adds a colorful twist when people ask how they met :)
| 06:57 EST, 12 Jan, 2009
it is creepy, though really shouldn't be as there not even ment to be blood relatedon on the show, but it still is weirdly creepy. ugh, i wish i didn't know.
| 01:33 EST, 12 Jan, 2009
Creeeeeepy. Pretending someone is your sister/brother all day and then having sex with them at night? Creeeeeeeepy.
| 19:17 EST, 09 Jan, 2009
That's...nice? After learning about those two dating I occasionally find myself weirded out by them being siblings when I watch the show. Totally irrational, I know.

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