Hailey Glassman Goes On First Gosselin-Free Date?

Jon Gosselin's fame extends to his girlfriends, so the spotlight today is on Hailey Glassman. Since splitting up with the Jon and Kate Plus 8 dad, we've hardly heard a peep out of her. However, she's ready to face the public once again as she moves on and away from her reality TV Romeo.

The Examiner reports that Hailey Glassman posted details of her first date after breaking things off with Jon Gosselin. It appears as though she won't be able to keep her life private after all her involvement with the star. But at least she's trying.

"I'll be honest, I hung out with friends for the first time in like 8 months since all this s***," the Gosselin ex wrote. " I realized it's really hard to meet someone new due to I'm prejudged like I don't have the privacy of letting them know little bits of me, they have a thought in their mind before, if that makes any sense."

Hailey Glassman then went on to relate the story of how she encountered a new man in her life. She wanted a fresh start after the trouble she experienced with Jon.

"My friend was like 'I want to set u up, he's nice n hot ;-)' So I was like, 'hm.. I'm in rebound mode now, haha, so I'll try it.' Anyway, so she promises me he isn't into watching TV or any gossip crap. I was like k.," Glassman explained.

"First thing he says when we meet 'Oh, you're Hailey Glassman.' I was thinking in my head 'f***.' WTF.. haha. Anyway I ended up saying I had to go, (don't worry I made up a nice excuse)."

Finding herself unable to get rid of Jon Gosselin's unpleasant legacy, Glassman looks like she'll have problems with future romances. She could go back to Jon, unless of course rumors are true and he's staged all of this as well. That would mean they haven't really broken up.

"Story in a nutshell is I had a rude awakening, that dating is going to be...like, eh, annoying. Then I'm asked questions of everything. Oy-vay," ended Glassman.

Despite her split with the Jon and Kate Plus 8 star, this won't be the last of her we'll be hearing. Once you've been attached to Jon Gosselin, you're never out of the spotlight.

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