The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: Week 18, Season 9

With only the live finale left in The Biggest Loser, the competition is fiercer than ever and the contestants are headed home for the remainder of their time. Before they hop on the plane, each of the four players rewatch their initial weigh-ins, interviews and the triumphs they've had along the way.

Upon arrival to their hometowns, Michael, Koli, Ashley and Daris each weigh in at the location of their first live weigh-in. What a feeling it must be to be in the same spot months later with such accomplishments under their belts this time. It isn't long before Alison pops up on-screen and alerts each of the four that their final challenge is going to be a full marathon where the winner receives $10,000 for the charity of their choice.

As in previous seasons, being home isn't as easy as it seems. Ashley is tempted with partying and being social, Koli feels extreme pressure, and Daris is letting his stress lead to late-night eating.

The trainers, of course, pay their players a little visit. Bob surprises Koli, who has been training at a mixed martial arts facility in Las Vegas. Talk about hardcore. Bob then visits Chicago where Michael tells him he's only feeling OK about his time at home. He also talks to Michael's 20-year-old sister about her struggles with weight and hopes that Michael's journey will help her start her own. Jillian arrives via helipcopter to Oklahoma because Daris apparently lives in the middle of nowhere.

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