Smallville's Justin Hartley Talks Green Arrow, Hawkman and Lois

It's a long wait until February, and the delay gets worse when you keep getting reminded of that. But you have to remember that time will fly like Superman and Smallville: Absolute Justice will be on air before we know it. Until then, let's content ourselves with the thought of Justin Hartley talking about the JSA-centered movie and his character.

Writer Geoff Johns revealed on his Twitter account that the Green Arrow and JSA member Hawkman (Michael Shanks) won't be seeing eye to eye on Smallville: Absolute Justice. Even Hartley has acknowledged that fact.

"They have completely different views on just about everything you can imagine," the actor told "Hawkman has this sort of antiquated, conservative point of view, while Oliver is the "liberal bleeding heart." Together, they are a match made in hell."

Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? But what's more interesting is Hartley's idea that Smallville could be getting a tenth season. "They're not sparing any expense. In fact, this whole year has been really, really good. I think we're begging for a Season 10, with all that we've been doing."

With the developments this season has been undergoing, there's bound to be romance in for Oliver somewhere. Hartley commented on his character's feelings for Lois (Erica Durance), admitting that she will always hold a place in Ollie's heart.

"I think he'll always have feelings for her. He's an interesting guy because usually people have this ability to move on. But Oliver, as flippant a ladies man as he is and as cool and confident as he seems, those are all crutches to disguise what's going on inside of him."

Hartley went on, "If he respects Clark he certainly won't try to move in on their relationship, but he does have a hard time moving on. That's a flaw of his, but it's also a beautiful part of him."

One thing's for sure though, Justin Hartley has no idea where Oliver's relationship with Chloe (Allison Mack) will go. "I don't know. It's TV so they have to go somewhere, but I think it's much more interesting for Oliver to have a relationship with a female that's platonic."

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