The Vampire Diaries: More Updates on the Damon-Elena Story

As We reported previously, The Vampire Diaries will be kicking off the new year with a "very Damon and Elena-centric story." Though The CW has not released an official synopsis regarding the 11th episode of the series, we've stumbled on a few clues that will hopefully get you through this dry spell.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

When we last saw The Vampire Diaries, Elena discovered the picture of her splitting image, Katherine, just after making love to Stefan, and then got herself into a car "accident" on her way home. While there is no word yet on how the show will move forward from here, it's safe to assume that Elena survives. After all, executive Julie Plec already revealed that Elena and Damon will "go off on a little adventure and bond in a way she didn't think they were capable of."

That doesn't sound good for Stefan though. TV Guide reports that Elena will indeed find herself in the romantic company of Damon, who then introduces her to a friend "who allowed himself to be 'turned' by his vampire lover, which gets the hamster wheels in Elena's pretty, pretty head spinning."

Is Damon controlling Elena or is she with him because of her own free will? Will Elena allow herself to be turned into a vampire?

The Vampire Diaries returns in January on The CW.

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