Mischa Barton or AnnaLynne McCord: Who has Top CW Beast potential?

Let's be honest: No one missed Mischa Barton (left) when she exited Fox's The O.C. in a tragic, fiery fashion back in 2006. The girl can hardly act and she talks funny, too. (Maybe it's the fact that she grew up in London?) But this spring pilot season, there'd been much buzz about her possibly splashing back onto the TV scene -- on The CW's buzzy Melrose Place, no less. Which, truly, made the possibility of what's sure to be another heinous remake totally awesome. Because, we watch -- okay, maybe it's just me -- someone like Mischa Barton explicitly for total trainwreck factor: How ridiculous is she going to be? Can she actually shed a real tear? Is it possible that she could purse her lips any further? There is little else that is redeeming about her besides answering these queries while watching her on screen.

But now, just as the news comes out that Barton's been cast in a different CW pilot, A Beautiful Life, I couldn't care less. (Total zzzzz.) Why? Because I've just recently moved on to another beast on The CW: The delectable, delightful, delovely AnnaLynne McCord (right). The diva rules all the beeyotches over at 90210 and is approximately 10 times more beastly than Mischa Barton ever was.

Let me explain: AnnaLynne McCord is awesome basically for her out-of-control nature on 90210: If her Naomi character isn't lounging around the pool at her hotel residence (yes, she lives in a hotel!) or sending bottles of champagne to underage bartenders or making out with boys as they press up against a locker, she's doing something even more heinous -- like yelling at her equally as terrible mother. And then, there are these more personal reasons to obsess over AnnaLynne McCord, too: She loves bananas. She knows how to work angles when she gets in car wrecks. Hell, she wears ugly tights with flip flops!

I've seen the next new episode of 90210 (which airs March 31), and it is BEYOND. In the best way ever. I can't go into too many details (don't want to spoil it!), but let's just say it includes a too-too long (and too-too awesome) makeout sesh (which also includes -- yes! -- a banana), a drag racing sequence, and a broken car window. And AnnaLynne McCord, of course!

Are you infatuated with AnnaLynne too? Are you still watching her terrorize 90210? And burning question: Who is beastlier -- Mischa Barton or AnnaLynne McCord?

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Default avatar cat
Mar 29, 2009 6:21AM EDT

Okay, first: Marissa was never meant to be beasty (except with Julie), instead she was the disturbed and troubled child of divorced parents who never knew what she wanted nor what was good for her. She took a bad road or several but she was never a mean girl or someone who schemed against others. That was mainly Julie's part in the OC.Second: I don't find Naomi that beasty either. Yes she's showing Annie (who's totally annoying anyway) the cold shoulder, but I'd say Adrianna's little intrigue involving Ty was ten times better than the lame "I invited your Ex-boyfriend to your birthday, Annie." Plus, is she supposed to be the mean girl? I don't get the impression, since she's so vulnerable, clinging on to Ethan, hurting over her parents' divorce and wanting to be friends with everybody. How is she a mean girl? I don't see it.I know people who watch 90210 hate the comparison to Gossip Girl, but Blair or Georgina (at least last time we saw her) can be called mean girls. But Naomi? I really don't see that in her character!

Mar 29, 2009 6:40AM EDT

jennessis, i so agree with everything you just said [:

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Apr 16, 2009 12:42AM EDT

I don't care about Marissa at all! Her character was boring! And she always seemed sad but never cried! She has too many problems! I like Taylor better for Ryan but my favorite characters are Summer and Seth. :D AND I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!

Apr 19, 2009 2:34AM EDT

Ok you guys, maybe "beasty" is the word. I think Naomi is the super diva that we can't stop watching. It's not that she's consistently bitchy or that we've never seen her soft side, it's that she has that innate "I will crush you like a small animal under my stiletto if you cross me" kind of thing going for her and I love it. Both the character and the actress are fantastic.
I can't give an unbiased opinion on Mischa Barton's acting in the O.C. b/c can't stand her period. She completely destroys whatever show/movie she's in by just being in it...
Either way, I don't think Mischa can hold a candle to AnnaLynne. That dixie chick has made a fan out of me :)

Default avatar cat
Jun 12, 2009 10:31PM EDT

I agree with anditanabe, Taylor was way better with Ryan. I really liked Marissa and Alex, she was way better gay then straight.

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Mar 2, 2012 3:48PM EST

totally agree on Marissa looking better a lesbian! Also, Misha Barton is a terrible actress, how wrong was that casting director? Doesnt matter what her role was supposed to be, she just didnt play it well. At all.

AnnaLynne simply rocks: whether you like her character her not (I DO:D better than lame Annie, right?). That girl can act! (would like to see her play other parts though)

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