'Memphis Beat' - 'Baby, Let's Play House' Recap Season 1, Episode 2

You know what I hate watching? TV shows set in a place where it's really hot and humid when I'm really hot and humid as I'm watching them.

It's in the 80s in my apartment right now, sticky and soupy and very uncomfortable. So I got even more uncomfortable watching Jason Lee and company walking around a hot Memphis, T.N. I wonder how they can work in that weather (the show is filmed in New Orleans), especially wearing long pants and suits and uniforms. I get that same feeling when I watch 'Burn Notice.'

That has nothing to do with tonight's episode, but one's environment can affect the way one thinks about something.

Last week I mentioned that 'Memphis Beat' was like the aforementioned 'Burn Notice,' but this episode actually reminded me of 'The Mentalist.' I know, that may seem like an odd comparison, but stick with me.

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