'Two and a Half Men' Season 7, Episode 18 - 'Ixnay on the Oggie Day' Recap

Welcome back, Charlie. I don't mean Charlie Sheen, who came back from rehab and was back at work on the set of the show. I'm talking about Charlie Harper, who has had his man berries crushed by Chelsea and the engagement and the prospect of a June wedding at the Bel Air hotel. For the first time in a long time, Charlie had his old spunky, devil-may-care attitude back. What a relief!

Despite Charlie's latest interlude with Tricia Helfer's hot Gail, best friend of Chelsea, he still will probably end up with Chelsea. The show's trajectory seems to be going in that direction, which is a mistake. Charlie is much funnier and watchable when he's catting around. When he saw Gail at the pizza place, he was practically drooling. Sure, his heart is still all for Chelsea, but other parts of his body were up for grabs.

Chelsea's character drives me to distraction. Why is she supposed to be forgiven for a weekend in Cabo with Brad, but Charlie's business with Gail is over the line? Yes, she is Chelsea's best friend, but doesn't it take two to tango? What does it say about Gail that she was happy to slide into Charlie's bed and -- better yet -- still do him even after he told her that Chelsea wanted him back?

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