DETROIT 187 ''Nobody's Home/Unknown Soldier'' Review

This week's episode involved the robbery and murder of a young veteran and his father, as well as the murder of a squatter trying to rejuvenate a neighborhood.

Let me start by saying that with every new episode of Detroit 187 I am growing more and more disappointed. I loved the first one. The second was not too bad, but this one was rather boring to me. In fact, I dozed off a couple of times and had to go back and rewatch it. I cannot exactly pinpoint what it is, but the storylines are not holding my attention.

Washington is back to work although it appears it might be a bit too soon as he seems like he is in a lot of pain. He is also intent on proving himself so he engages in a very long, solo foot chase that probably didn't help his healing at all. He also browbeats a homeless man to get information. I thought that was a bit much because I don't think anyone thought the homeless man was involved in the killing.

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