'Modern Family' Episode 20: The Parents Get 'Benched'

In this week's Modern Family, "Benched," it's not the kids getting benched--not even Luke and Manny, the worst players on the neighborhood's worst junior-league basketball team. Nope--this time it's the parents who are feeling the sting of being sidelined. Claire gets dumped at the mall by younger daughter Alex so the girl can hang with her snooty friends. And Manny tells doting mom Gloria to stay away from his ballgames because she draws too much attention to him by (loudly) shouting encouragement.

And it's not just the kids causing trouble. Jay makes Phil feel equally ignored, first by doubting Phil's ability to barbeque, then by pushing him aside for the coaching job on the kids' team. With all of these hurt feelings around, it's nice to learn that the middle-generation of parents have a lot to teach us about handling adversity.

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