More Time Jump on ' Desperate Housewives' - Featured

Five years into the future not enough for you? How does 40 years sound?

TV Guide reports that Desperate Housewives is set to do another flash-forward this season, as it takes a look at 10, 20, and even as many as 40 years into the future in early January just to take a peek at how the housewives' lives will look had their lives gone in different directions.

Eva Longoria-Parker says Teri Hatcher's Susan will be the most transformed, but her very own Gaby will not be spared by Father Time. "Teri was on set the other day getting fitted for her fat suit... I'm so excited... They're going to use prosthetics and everything."

Will Dana Delaney's Katherine be part of this jump? Not really, since her character, like many predicted, will find herself in the loony bin during the episode. Delaney swears she saw a silver-streaked wig intended for Gaby - so it's the youngest housewife who'll jump the farthest.

The time jump is of course inspired by the life-altering plane crash that will hit Wisteria Lane on the midseason finale this December. It's supposed to give everyone a glimpse of alternate versions of the housewives' lives after the tragedy.

"We're doing something we've never done before," Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry "It's our 'What If' episode, where we'll show five scenarios with our Housewives contemplating their lives based on the accident. Those who lost someone imagine what their lives would have been like if their loved ones had lived. Some people imagine what if they hadn't married the people they married."

But don't worry because the time jump is all but hypothetical, some through dreams, others through anesthesia while on the operating table.

Susan's son MJ and Gaby's daughter Celia will of course be grown-up, and actors have already been cast to play them.

"Some of this will be very funny for some characters and heartbreaking for others," Cherry sums up.

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