'Supernatural' Review: Major Changes for 100th Episode

Tonight Supernatural airs its landmark 100th episode, reaching a point very few shows reach, and as the title suggests, it's the "Point of No Return." The Apocalypse is in full swing and Dean has decided to say "Yes" to being the angel Michael's vessel so that he can do battle with Lucifer.

The 100th episode of Supernatural succeeds as both another strong episode of Supernatural, continuing the storyline, and also a big event episode that is just different enough to be seen as something special. There are some very big changes for a lot of the characters, changing a lot of what fans thought they knew.

But underneath it all, the 100th episode proves that the show is really about family. Sure, there are angels, demons, tremendous fight scenes and giant plot twists, but the episode also features very significant character moments that highlight what's made Supernatural so beloved by its fans. It's not just mindless action and horror.

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