'Huge' Series Premiere Review: Finding Your Inner Fat Girl

"Fat teens at summer camp" is a good summary for Huge, the new ABC Family series premiering tonight at 9pm. That might seem blunt and politically incorrect, but so is this show--and it's one of its best selling points. While most teen shows feature rail-thin girls and former Abercrombie and Fitch models, Huge takes pride in being painfully realistic.

In the opening scene, the campers prepare to take their "before" photos, and since they're forced to do it in their bathing suits, surly new girl Will (Nikki Blonsky) does a strip tease in front of everyone. Right away Huge makes a big statement when Will adds that her goal is to gain weight because she feels like there's an even fatter girl inside of her trying to get out. I guess she's like Doctor Who's TARDIS - bigger on the inside.

That unflinching acceptance of who you are and refusal to let others make you feel bad about yourself is why Huge is worth watching. It's uplifting without being too preachy and Blonsky is great as a fat crusader, using her secret stash of junk food to become the Pablo Escobar of candy.

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