How I Met Your Mother Season 5, Episode 10: "The Window" - Recap

In this week's episode, Ted valiantly tries to get a date with a girl who's been perpetually coupled for as long as he's known her - we're talking 12 years here. Meanwhile, Marshall has an existential crisis when he finds a letter he wrote to himself when he was 15, and Barney tries to prove that he can get laid even while wearing really terrible mid-'90s-style denim overalls.

Marshall enters Ted and Robin's apartment with a gigantic box full of stuff. Apparently, his mother sends him his old things every once in a while, as mothers do. It's mostly useless clutter, like He-Man's left arm or an old Mad Libs book. As Marshall starts digging through the box, Ted's phone rings. On the other end is an older woman, who gives Ted what sounds like a secret code phrase: "The window is open." Ted takes off running. Is anyone else as confused as I am?

Well, it turns out that the "window" refers to the very small time frame that Ted has to get in with the girl of his dreams. This girl (who looks astonishingly like Amy Adams,) is named Maggie, went to college with Ted, and is apparently incapable of being single. Every time she breaks up with a guy, she starts dating another one almost immediately. Ted has been trying in vain to get in with her for the last 12 years. So he asked Maggie's elderly next-door neighbor to let him know as soon as she broke up with her current boyfriend. Hence the mysterious phone call. Ted manages to get to her apartment before she meets any other guys. He asks her out, and she accepts.

Ted arranges for Maggie to meet him at McLaren's. He gets there a bit early to fill in Robin (and us) about his history of trying to date Maggie. Nothing can go wrong this time - until Robin reminds Ted that he's got a class to teach that night. When Maggie shows up, Ted tries to get her to come with him, but she's not having it. So he heads for his class, leaving Marshall and Lily in charge of guarding Maggie until he can come back.

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