ONE TREE HILL ''We All Fall Down'' Review Season 8, Episode 4

This week's episode centered around the characters that have fallen and about the need to dust yourself off after a fall, get back up and move on.

Perhaps the biggest fall is that of Nathan. He has finally decided to give up his basketball career to stay home with his family given the state of his back problems. This decision did not come lightly and I am afraid that it won't be easily accepted despite Nathan's assurances. After all, the episode started with him on the court, playing alone, and looking very sad and regretful when he walked off the court. It does not seem that this decision will sit well with Clay either. Clay worked hard to get Nathan on that team and it doesn't appear that he is buying the whole injury angle. I definitely do not think Nathan is lying about his back, but I wonder if he is using it prematurely as an excuse to leave now. Maybe it will be better for him, if he leaves on top, he can have other opportunities such as coaching or announcing. It will be interesting to see what Nathan does next as he told Julian to let Brooke know not to be afraid of what comes next.

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