WAREHOUSE 13 ''Beyond Our Control'' Review Season 2, Episode 3

A movie marathon goes horribly wrong in the “Beyond Our Control” episode of WAREHOUSE 13 when an artifact unknowingly lost in the mail for over sixty years is suddenly used. The 1944 Gemini Project created a too real holographic camera and projector, and while the camera is safe in the warehouse, the projector has been collecting dust on the Univille post office shelf. When the Snuggie-wearing postmistress is laid off, she nabs the projector and uses it to watch Raymond St. James movies that come to life in the town. Pete and Mika try to protect the town until Artie and Claudia develop a last minute fix before the final film’s explosive ending. Meanwhile, a brave and vulnerable Leena submits to Valda’s plan to reinsert the pearl of wisdom to learn what MacPherson left behind in her subconscious.

This is a clever episode that builds nicely. From Claudia trying to pimp out her Farnsworth (it’s never going to look like an iPhone, kid) and possibly breaking it to the room of pirated video, there are some fun red herrings. The projected films are perfectly cheesy with a vintage B movie feel. Poor dead tiger. The resolution is a bit rushed and sloppy but is completely saved by Artie’s giant floating head.

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