New Pandorum UK Poster 'Fear what happens next'. Oooh!

New sci-fi horror thriller Pandorum isn't out in the UK for another few weeks (October 2, to be precise), but we've got our wheedling fingers on the new UK poster. Look at it. Just bloody well look at it.

So, what does it tell us? Well, that it's going to be dark, scary, bloody (look at the crimson coating the film's logo) and that German actress Antje Traue may be more important to the plot than we first realised. After all, that's her kneeling in fear, and not nominal stars Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster or Cam Gigandet.

The tagline fear what happens next' is a truncated version of the original version, Don't fear the end of the world. Fear what happens next, which we actually preferred as it shed more light on the plot.

Speaking of which, Pandorum, directed by Christian Alvart, follows the fortunes of two astronauts (Quaid and Foster) who wake up on a spaceship with no memory of how they got there. Only, as they investigate the situation, it becomes all too clear that they're not alone...

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