One Tree Hill Season 7, Episode 12: "Some Roads Lead Nowhere" - Recap

Those of you who said last week's episode wasn't the last we'd see of Alex were right. Her suicide attempt was thwarted just in the nick of time by Julian, who was going to deliver the news in person that their film had been financed. So how did this chain of events affect the rest of the Tree Hill gang, and who did we (for the time being) say good-bye to? Keep reading to find out.

It took a bathtub of blood to finally get Millicent to admit her drug problem. Mouth is by Millie's side as she sobs, admits she stole the dress from Brooke's line, and tells him of her cocaine and pill addiction. Millicent apologizes to Brooke who tells her, "You're not my model anymore, but you're still my friend. Just go get some help." So she checks herself in and she and Mouth share a tearful good-bye. They both know that for now the relationship is over. "I will always be there for you, sweet girl," Mouth whispers in her ear before walking out the door.

As Brooke comforts Julian, who is standing by Alex's side at the hospital, she begins to realize the pattern of his relationships. Because of the way he saw his mother suffer from his father's lack of love and acknowledgment, Julian is always finding women to "fix." He's now doing this with Alex, which Brooke knows will be the demise of their own relationship. "Maybe I can help her before her fire burns out. If not, at least I tried," Julian explains.

Clay is packing up as he prepares to leave Tree Hill for good. But when Quinn tells him that she went to his office and found out his old client Joe Turner's mom is sick with cancer, it turns on a light bulb that Clay has one last shot. He and Quinn drive to meet Joe, and Clay asks him if it would help to play closer to home. Clay then works his magic, talks to the Bobcats head coach about trading the player they signed instead of Nathan, and just like that, Clay turns things around for himself and his former star client. Clay heads right for the Scotts, who are preparing to send Nathan off to play overseas, and fills him in on the good news: Clay negotiated a deal for the Sacramento Kings to sign Nathan for $15 million. But this all can only happen under three conditions, Clay says. Nathan must re-sign with Clay, he has to allow the Kings to trade him back to the Bobcats, and most important of all, "I plan on falling completely and insanely in love with Quinn." Looks like it worked out for everyone.

Dan is shooting his final show, despite Rachel's objection. As he walks through the hall where he murdered his brother, Dan says to the camera, "It's time to tell the truth." After turning off the clock that has been going since he began his talk show, Dan kneels down and says, "I miss you big brother. Every second of every day.".

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