Gossip Girl Season 3, Episode 12: "The Debarted" - Recap

This week on Gossip Girl, a car accident occurred on the very same day that Bart Bass' fatal car crash occurred one year ago, and characters dealt with the fallout of both the new and old accidents.

Almost-Christmas Presents

As promised, Eric started striking back against Jenny. He and Kira recruited Sawyer, one of Jenny's minions, to steal Jenny's thunder by carrying the same not-yet-in-stores designer handbag as Jenny. This is a no-no, so Jenny banished Sawyer to walking alone on the other side of the street. Before Eric could get much further with his plan, Jenny gave her two loyal subjects handbags of their own, pretending this was her plan all along and that Sawyer ruined the surprise. Eric wondered where Jenny got the money to do this, and at the very end, we learned how: Jenny's been working for her buddy Damien, the drug dealer.

Meanwhile, Dan also gave Vanessa a present, sort of (I know, I'm stretching the analogy here): He finally told her he loves her. And Vanessa quickly replied, "I love you, too," only she meant it as "You're my best friend, of course I love you pal." Dan started to explain that's not how he meant it, and Vanessa stopped him with a line about how people sometimes say things they don't mean when they're under stress (and they were in a hospital, after learning Serena had been hurt). So, is Vanessa really over Dan, and really into this new guy Paul? This plot line felt a bit rushed, like there wasn't much room for it in this episode.

The Mistress

Serena officially became Trip's mistress, secretly holed up in his family's country estate. She told him she knew he had a complicated life, but she didn't know just how complicated things were going to get. As soon as Trip left her to have a meeting with Grandfather, it was obvious he was lying. And sure enough, there he was meeting his wife. Trip told Maureen that he cared more about Serena than his career, but that's also a lie - Trip lies to everyone, including himself. Maureen then labeled Serena as a mere "phase" for Trip and said she needed to meet with Serena privately, and Trip of course obliged, because he has no spine.

Serena was shocked to see Maureen, and then Maureen pulled out the letter from Serena's dad. She summarized that anyone who read the letter would assume that Lily "is a cheating whore" who cheated on Rufus with Serena's dad. And she threatened that Rufus would find this out if Serena didn't go along with Maureen's plan for Trip: "You can have him in private, but I get him in public...I'm Jackie, you're Marilyn."

Serena was then finally ready to leave Trip (again). Trip returned home as she stormed out of the mansion, and he pleaded with her to stay. She agreed to let him drive her back to the city, but she didn't want to discuss things.

Then Trip swerved to miss hitting some animals, and he crashed the car.

He got out of the car unharmed, but an unconscious Serena had hit her now-bloody head on the window. So who was the first person Trip called for help? Maureen. Maureen?! How 'bout one of his political advisors, Nate, Grandfather, or one of the many other Vanderbilt relatives who frequent the family parties? No, he called the woman he was supposedly mad at.

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