House Episode Recap: ''Selfish'' Season 7, Episode 2

House and Cuddy return to work, and House finds he is having trouble defying Cuddy now that they're a couple. Meanwhile, a young girl is admitted, but she refuses to take her handicapped brother's bone marrow for treatment.

Patient X

Episode 2 falls back into its old pattern, where we meet the patient of the week at the beginning of the episode. This time around, it's a 14-year-old girl named Bella who collapsed while pushing her handicapped brother, Hugo, in a wheelchair at a skateboarding benefit.

House and Cuddy Go Public

House and Cuddy meet in the parking lot before work, and Cuddy tells him she'd like to formally report their relationship to human resources before telling anyone else. "I just don't want our relationships affecting our jobs... or other way around," she tells him. Um, is she delusional?

House joins his team in the think tank room, and before anyone can get a word in, he announces that he and Cuddy are doing it. Oddly enough, House seems to gloss over the fact that Thirteen is gone, leaving us to wonder if he knows more about it. His teams seems to take the news differently, and House sums their reactions up best: Foreman is "in favor," Taub is "indignant" and Chase is "indifferent."

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