'White Collar' - 'Withdrawal' Recap (Season Premiere) Season 2

Some shows do exposition in a really clunky way. A new show will have to tell us everything so we know what the show is about and who the characters are and it's torturous in the way they do it. Or there will be a season premiere of an established show and they'll try to catch us (or new viewers) up on what's going on and it's tedious for fans and still confusing for newbies.

Tonight's season opener of 'White Collar' pulled off the neat trick of not only summarizing what this season will be about, but what all of the characters feel about the situation, and it was awesome.

Last week I mentioned how 'Burn Notice' should ease up on the "case of the week" episodes and focus more on the big picture plot. Interestingly, 'White Collar' doesn't have that problem. Every episode has a lot of the Kate/music box plot while having a brand new white collar crime for Neal and Peter to solve. But at least these standalone cases are in Neal's world and don't seem like they're just trying to fill up the episodes. Neal is out of jail to help the FBI with these cases, so it's not like he's helping little old ladies who have lost money to a scam artist or a drug dealer who wants to go straight (though the show has done plots like that once in a great while).

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