FlashForward Episode 1: "No More Good Days" - Recap

FlashForward, ABC's intriguing new drama, chronicles a frightening world event in which everyone loses consciousness simultaneously for two minutes and 17 seconds. During that time, each person experiences a "flash-forward" to the same date about six months into the show's future: April 29, 2010. Many critics (including us) are calling the show the next Lost. Will it be? Let's meet the Flashers - and learn what they saw when the whole world blacked out:

Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes) is a FBI agent at the Los Angeles Field Office. He becomes the de facto squad leader of the Mosaic case, in which the Feds piece together the visions of thousands of people to create a cohesive picture of what happens in the future. He's also a recovering alcoholic.

Where He Was: He and his partner Demetri were in hot pursuit of a group of people who were suspected of planning the detonation of a dirty bomb. Just as their car was about to smash into an oil tanker, they lost consciousness.

His Flash-Forward: He was in his office, working on the Mosaic case. He remembers four terms that were posted on a crowded bulletin board in his office -- D. Gibbons; Baby Doll Photographs; Blue Hand; and Friendship Bracelet. He says he felt like someone was coming to kill him because of what he knew. One of the men had a tattoo of three stars on his forearm. Also: He was off the wagon.

Burning Questions: Well, I mean, where do you start?

Dr. Olivia Benford (Sonya Walger) is Mark's wife and a trauma surgeon. She is concerned about her colleague, Dr. Bryce Varley, who didn't show up for rounds the previous day.

Where She Was: She, and the entire O.R. staff, blacked out just as they were beginning surgery. When they come to, the patient has died on the table.

Her Flash-Forward: In her vision, a scantily clad Olivia approaches the second-floor landing in her house. But when she looks below to the living room, instead of her husband, Mark, lounging shirtless on the couch, it's Lloyd Simcoe (Jack Davenport), the parent of one of her patients on the day of the incident. "Hey, honey," she says to him.

Burning Questions: Did Olivia leave Mark because he was drinking? Can she change her future vision - one that she clearly doesn't want to come true - or are we all victims of our fates?

Charlie Benford (Lennon Wynn), Mark and Olivia's daughter, is thus far mostly just a cute kid.

Where She Was: She was asleep in her bed while her babysitter, Nicole, entertained a guest. At the end of the episode, she gives Mark the bracelet that he saw himself wearing in his flash-forward.

Her Flash-Forward: We don't know what she saw, but when she wakes up, she says, "I dreamt that there were no more good days," hence the title of this episode.

Burning Questions: In a hospital scene, the Simcoe kid calls Dr. Benford by her first name, implying that he already knows her. Did he see her in his flash-forward? Do kids have some separate understanding of these future events?

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