The Mall of America's 'Mall Cops' and 'Police Women of Memphis': Hard work. Good TV.

Mall Cops, a TLC reality that premiered last night, covers the 2.5 miles of stores inside Minnesota's Mall of America. Being a mall cop is no Paul Blart breeze: In the two back-to-back episodes, one mall cop lost a toenail breaking up a brawl; another one had to chase down the 'ingleader' of what the cops had dubbed 'the handbag mafia,' a shop-lifting crew.

Most intriguing was a man hustled out of the mall for having too weird a crush on a female store employee: He left her a birdcage filled with a toy snowman, a pair of sunglasses, a love letter, and a condom. I had no idea mall cops can arrest people, carry pepper-spray and handcuffs.

Also premiering on TLC last night was Police Women of Memphis. You can't pay these women enough to deal with the stuff they have to go through.

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