THE CLOSER ''Layover'' Review Season 6, Episode 4

If I was listing some of my favorite TV crime-fighting duos, I'd pick Scully and Mulder, Crockett and Tubbs, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, and after tonight's episode of THE CLOSER, Layover, I'd have to add Provenza and Flynn to the list. How these two keep their jobs is a mystery to me, but man, they are fun to watch. Their double date with those two airhead flight attendants ranked right up there with the time they left the dead body in Provenza's garage and went to the ballgame, although the episode where they were pallbearers at their buddy's funeral and dropped the casket remains my favorite (I think they were telling that story to the ladies when they were in the interview room).

Tonight's case involved stewardesses smuggling drug drugs into the country in bags of airline coffee, and using Provenza and Flynn for protection once things went bad. Even though the ladies were about half their age, poor Provenza and Flynn really thought they were into them, and I felt bad when the one flight attendant said, If you ever came to Dallas, my mama would go out with you. How the two detectives allowed themselves to be outsmarted by these two skanks (I think I may have been a cow in another life) is just beyond me.

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