Top Chef 5: "Last Supper" Recap

Last week's episode of Top Chef 5 had Jamie Lauren, one of the stronger competitors, packing her knives for some poorly-executed celery. Meanwhile, Carla Hall, who had started out the competition struggling a bit, has continued to improve and impress. It all just confirms that the fate of a cheftestant can change abruptly, and as competitors are felled, some others can come to the fore.

This week will determine which four chefs will make it to the finals in New Orleans, and which - Carla, Leah Cohen, Stefan Richter, Hosea Rosenberg or Fabio Viviani – will be serving his or her last supper on the show.

The Quickfire for this episode features Wylie Dufresne as the guest judges. Fans of the show and the culinary world know him as one of the leading names in molecular gastronomy. So when the chefs are tasked with making him a dish with one of his favorite ingredients - eggs - most of them set about trying to come up with the most creative way possible to use or mimic the ingredient.

Unfortunately, three of the five fall a little flat. Wylie appreciates Leah's play on bacon, egg and cheese, but she has some execution issues with a heavy and greasy potato ravioli. Fabio showed a lot of creativity in concept with his trio of egg dishes, including a fake egg made with a mango yolk, but his discomfort with making breakfast food showed. Hosea was also creative in making some Japanese-inspired dishes, and Wylie liked his creativity in making a sushi wrapper with an egg white, but there was no harmony in his trio of dishes.

On the positive side, Stefan accomplished something similar to Fabio in making a panna cotta egg with a mango yolk that oozed convincingly, but he paired it with a well-executed Benedict to fit the breakfast bill. But it's Carla, who admitted she doesn't do molecular and so kept it simple with a green egg dish inspired by Dr. Suess, who wins the challenge. She pleased Wylie with her humor and execution.

The chefs now learn their challenge. Five luminaries of the food world - Lidia Bastianich, Jacques Pépin, Marcus Samuelsson, Susan Ungaro and Wylie - have selected their last suppers and the chefs draw knives to see which supper they will be cooking.

For Full Recap [Read Here].


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stefan shouldve been kicked off i feel liek hes payin some1 off cause of fabios comment....

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