Recap Days of Our Lives: Wednesday 08/04/2010

Hope wakes up and is confronted by Bo. She doesn't remember anything from the night before and Bo is forced to play the tape of her confession. Hope is horrified by what she sees and learns. She insists she turn herself in. As Bo and Hope are about to leave for the station, Ciara arrives and wonders what is happening.

Brady is convinced Nicole obtained money illegally. When she comes home, he subtly gives her a chance to come clean. Unaware Brady knows about the wire transfer, Nicole lies. Brady then makes angry love to Nicole. Afterwards, she is shocked when he denounces her. He knows she has just lied to him, again. He questions if there is anything else she's lied about. At the same time, Dr. Baker waits for his bail to be paid. Roman receives a description of the man who bought the arson materials to torch Bo's house and realizes it's the man waiting to be released Dr. Baker! Roman then recognizes him as the man who switched Sami's baby.

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