Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 17 - Scry Hard

Zankou has a plan to take over the spiritual nexus in the Manor - but Wyatt inadvertently throws a wrench in everyone's plans.

Leo is adjusting to life without powers by going on a cleaning spree. He even organizes the attic, uncovering a dollhouse Grams had made in the process.

Piper is getting annoyed by Leo's neat streak - and she's worried about how to protect him now that he has no powers.

Paige is feeling trapped and overwhelmed by her job running magic school.

Phoebe thinks everything is going well - but Elise has a surprise for her.

While Piper and Leo are debating Leo's new status, a demon in league with Zankou attacks with an evil boomerang. Leo, forgetting he's no longer a Whitelighter, shoves Piper out of the way, and gets hit. Wyatt sees his daddy bleeding and is not happy. Piper urges Paige and Phoebe to seek out the attack demons while she tries to protect Leo. Leo is not happy about being protected. Paige is thrilled to have an excuse to leave Magic School, but when she tries to recruit Phoebe, Elise stops her. Elise has a family emergency, and her second-in-command, Richard, is out sick. Phoebe will have to put the evening edition to bed.

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