Batman: The Brave and the Bold: "The Power of Shazam!" Review

It's finally baseball season, so allow me to begin this review by saying Batman: The Brave and the Bold has a near perfect batting average when it comes to choosing the right guest stars for this awesomely energetic all-ages Batman vehicle. Whether the show is digging into an obscure corner of DC's catalog or re-imagining one of its iconic heroes, the series almost always hits it out of the park when choosing which colorful character will share the screen with the Caped Crusader in a given installment. Captain Marvel is yet another character tailor made for this show's wacky vision, and it was a blast to see this latest episode, "The Power of Shazam!", follow up on the promise of his brief introduction earlier in the season by diving headlong into the character's rich mythology.

The thing about Captain Marvel is that the character is so pure and child-friendly at its core that it forces writers to modify their approach accordingly. As a result, more so than any other episode this season, "Power of Shazam" was geared more towards kids than it was us children-at-heart adults. That's more of an observation than a criticism, mind you. In embracing nearly every aspect of the Captain Marvel mythos - from Dr. Sivana and family, to Black Adam, the Wizard Shazam, the Rock of Eternity, the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man and everything in between รข€“ the episode delivered plenty of wonderfully crazy high concepts to meet its normal standard of inspired craziness.

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